Monday, June 6, 2016

Back on the road again

115 degrees (46 C) in Needles, CA! The Colorado river feels good on our feet, and low humidity makes it somewhat tolerable. Tessa is having a blast with a water hose, for once I don't enforce the not wasting water policy.

The Bliss crew is back on the road again, after spending another month and having a great time with oma, opa and Flak family in Ohio. Unfortunately me getting pneumonia put a damper on our travel plans to see Matt , Sarah and Cayden in Chicago (don't grow too fast little boy, we gotta catch up with you). Tod got to enjoy great Italian food for a week, a small benefit for working long hours for his italian client. In our final weekend back east, we met our dear Italian friends Paolo, Paola and sweet baby Luca in Pennsylvania , and had a great time hanging out. Thanks Don and Lisa for hosting us on our way back to Ohio, we enjoyed our visit with you!

We are slowly making our way to Berkeley to work during the summer. But not before adding more national parks to our travels, and getting the most out of our $80 annual park pass (so far we visited 10 parks with our annual pass). Kings Canyon , Yosemite here we come again! Big difference rv'ing during fall and high season: we have to have reservations for this trip and most weekends campgrounds are full!
The great "woody playground" near
Oma and opa

water hose joy to stay cool in extreme heat

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