Wednesday, January 13, 2016

spinnaker joy and clean sheets

These sheet smells so good, Tod says, as we put clean sheets on our bed. Ah the joy of dropping of your laundry at the lavenderia in town, and get it back the next day, folded and smelling fresh. Three loads for 185 pesos, about $10.

On our way from Mazatlan to La Cruz, where we are now, we got to fly the spinnaker or our jib for the majority of the time. That doesn't mean it was a comfortable ride with 5 to 6 feet waves aft of our beam, but it was more quiet than listening to our iron lady. We made the 170 nautical miles in about 30 hrs, and arrived just around lunch time. Within one hour of dropping the hook, we met a kids boat, and were invited to a boy's birthday the next day. Tessa clearly remembered the town, as she was on the look-out for iguanas falling out of the tree, while we enjoyed life music at the town square. Jumping in the waves, visiting the town's white horse, drinking plenty of agua frescas, Sunday's farmers market, bumpy dinghy rides, slightly rolling anchorage, and excellent and very affordable dental cleaning....all part of our life here in La Cruz.

The Bliss crew will head south tomorrow to enjoy Barra de Navidad and Tenacatita Bay for 3 weeks, then come back in February to meet our dear friends Ana and Christian from Switzerland.

Bucerias, town next door, gets large waves
Bliss at anchor with 30 + other boats

our outgoing daughter is the only joining the "dance floor"

Dinghy ride into the marina, more like a mellow bull ride sometimes

at one point, Tessa helped painting the towns square, Mexicans
enjoy kids a lot and don't mind the extra 'help"

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