Saturday, March 21, 2015

unplugging for a while.....

We are now in La Paz for a few days, before we head out back to the islands and the coast of the Sea of Cortez.  The luxury of this city means have easy internet access (for simple things as email etc) through our Telcel sim card, as well as a Mexican phone that works. Once we leave here, these 2 devices won't work until we are in the a bigger town again, which won't be the case for a few weeks. This is all by choice, as we like to explore the next 120 miles slowly with plenty of anchorages to choose from. So, we are relying on our SSB radio for weather forecasts, and simple email communications. We will be using morning amateur radio nets to check in with other cruisers (and there will be plenty other cruisers here), or relaying if there are any urgent needs.  The Sea of Cortez is gorgeous wilderness, and thus we shall live like that (today someone mentioned to us to watch out for rattlesnakes).

It's easy to getting used to pay someone for doing your laundry, and pick it up clean and folded the next day. All for the price that is less than going to a laundromat in the US. I guess we won't need much clothing the next few weeks......or we can finally start working magic with that dedicated laundry plunger I bought and an old fashioned wringer. Might be a fun family activity.

Ah food, well aside for hoping to catch some fish, stocking up now with big stores available in La Paz is a good idea. However in the heat, fresh food doesn't last that long, and our fridge is only so big. Getting creative with cans will be on the menu, as well as adjusted our culinary expectations.

Although our water maker takes it super sweet time to produce water (like 6 gallons per hour), I'm happy we have it, so we won't have to ration any water, or go faster to the next town. As a side note, we have been amazed that almost all marina's we have visited do not have potable water on their dock (Paradise Village and Marina La Paz are the exceptions). Cruisers buy large (5 gallons) bottles of water and have these delivered to their boat.  We have done that ourselves in areas where we feel the water is not clear enough to make our own water (like in the lagoon of Barra de Navidad, but also in La Cruz).

no problems making water when you can see your own anchor
in such clear and clean water

So a few more days of walking to stores in very pleasant La Paz, eating out, doing taxes while we have internet, and hanging out with other cruising families. And, enjoying the cool evenings and mornings!

bug screens for all our hatches is a must here, dengue fever was quite rampant
in La Paz last year, and bees are active in the Sea too
chick love near the Malecon

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