Friday, January 30, 2015

random ramblings on our life in Mexico

No, we are not moving to La Cruz, but we have found a dentist we like, and we will see him again next month. For $35 Tod had a good cleaning, so now the whole family will go there and get some X-rays done as well. The price for the haircut ($2.5) was right as well.

Back in the US, my friend Rich and I would wonder why there is not a latte/cappuccino cart at playgrounds, as this seems a smart business idea.  A week ago we had taco's on the street with several friends, and Tessa discovered a shed filled with toys inside the restaurant. Joy galore, win win for everyone, we parents would have a Margarita , food and flan, while our kids are playing. So, all of a sudden this place became our favorite place to go to. We go back a few days later, Tessa all excited

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

a horse show adventure

The morning radio net in Banderas Bay is active. At 8.30 AM cruisers check in on their radio to hear about what's going on in the Bay. So, when we hear the Irish (?) Tea lady mentioning a- not- to miss authentic horse show, with female side-saddle riders in beautiful costumes, in the town next door (Bucerias), we decide to go for it and spice up our routine here. Aahhhh, the times you could just plan for this during our pre-kid days....well those times are over (and that's totally fine!). Let's just say that Tessa decided to be like any other 2 yrs old who wants to be fiercely independent and act accordingly and before you know it, it's about 3.45 PM, fifteen minutes before the show supposed to start.  Too late for the bus ride.....

Friday, January 16, 2015

Loving La Cruz

The longest time we have stayed at one place, and there are many good reasons.

Making new friends with a great boat family who have kids the same age. It's wonderful when there is a click between both parents and kids.

The quaint little town is just in easy walking distance, with necessities as ice cream and taco's close by. A little tienda has an evening market with fresh produce at whole sale prices in the back once a week, a great place to stock up.

The marina where we stayed the first week, is kid friendly, and organizes all kind of events for kids (there are quite a few boat families here). Tessa joined the science class today, given by a former science teacher. Well, when I said joined, she just climbed in the V-berth and played with the older kids. Tessa has invited herself to several other boats in the marina, and every time is warmly welcomed by the cruisers.

We moved to the large anchorage the second week and even though it can be rolly at some times, it's quite doable, and we enjoy the fresh breeze.

When it' get too hot, we can either jump in the tiny marina pool, or just stroll over to the beach. Luckily, we have had many cloudy days.

So, finally, life in the slow lane. What to do next? Manana, Manana........

the town square a favorite place to meet local kids

great fish market, lobster galore

helping papa with repairing the jib

near fish market, anchorage in background

ok, so you all know the photographer was part of this trip too

cobble stone streets, fun to play on

iguana's at marina entrance, they do fall out of the trees!

no language needed to have fun with local kids

Monday, January 5, 2015

unique red and blue on Isla Isabela

Mama, me llamo Tessa! Our most social family member has made a friend on the beach who taught her to say that her name is Tessa. And she can't wait to tell us this new sentence.

She is muddy all over, as she participated in a mud fight with kids of all ages. Tod and I were finally celebrating New Years with a drink and taco's on the beach ( leave it to the de Boer Flak family to not celebrate a holiday on it's actual calendar day).  The small beach is packed with Mexican families celebrating, and so Tessa has plenty of kids to play with. She is playing with one family of 6 kids in particular, and she takes the hand of their oldest boy and wants to go wave jumping with him. Food vendors come by our table too, and we can't pass on a home made chocolate cheese flan cake. We arrived in Chacala Bay on the Pacific Coast of Mexico on January 2nd, after an overnight sail from Isla Isabela.

at anchor in Chacala Bay

Isla Isabela is a national park, home of the majestic (wingspan up to 7.5') frigate birds (actually named Magnificent Frigatebird), and blue footed boobies. Tiny Isabela island, with it's volcanic peak, is well worth a visit to see those rare birds. We left Mazatlan in the afternoon on the last day of 2014, and arrived early on New years day. Hiking up, we saw and heard the male frigates inflating their red neck sack to attract females. Tessa was intrigued by the many iguanas. A hike to the other side showed us the booby colony, and the color of their legs and webbed feet is really unique.

Bliss anchored right of those tall rocks

On our last morning in Mazatlan, I went shopping while Tessa and Tod enjoyed the pool for the last time. Her sweet and kind friend Chance, 10 yrs old boy from Colorado who is on vacation at the all inclusive resort, "buys" her another smoothie and holds her all over the deeper side of the pool. They have been playing ever since we came to the marina. On my taxi drive back to Bliss the driver and I converse in short sentences. When I mention to him we are going to Isla Isabela, he says bonito, and he talks about Isla Marias. I'm making a mental note to look into those islands (hey, you don' want to miss another interesting island, right?). I vaguely remember him saying the words hombres and mal. Only when we sail past them (no worries, oma, 25 miles or more away), I realize he was talking about the Alcatraz of Mexico, and no need to add that to our itinerary.

new dress from the market
Last Night we arrived in La Cruz, Banderas Bay, and are staying in the marina here.  We would have liked to stay a few more days in Chacala, but this anchorage was just too rolly. On our first nite when we couldn't sleep (Tessa sleeps no matter what happens!)  Tod got up at midnite, and set a stern anchor with our dinghy. It helped a bit, the roll was now diminished from 30 degrees to 15 degrees.....ah the beauty of anchoring, it's those nights that you wish for a land-based home, or our alternative, a marina!