Tuesday, November 25, 2014

sculptures and camels in San Jose del Cabo

I'm trying to see the beauty in every place we visit, and for some places that's very easy to do, others it takes a bit more effort. This place falls in the latter category for me. It's the city next to super touristy Cabo San Lucas. On purpose we skipped Cabo as we don't find it very appealing. Six years ago Tod arrived here with the Baja HaHa fleet as crew on another boat, and I flew there to meet him.

Reading underway in easy seas
Our overnite passage from Mag Bay, with great sailing and fun radio contact with another sailboat several miles behind us, took us around Cabo San Lucas at noon on Sunday. We decided to plow on and find a good anchorage near San Jose del Cabo. It didn't quite work out that way, we couldn't find a comfortable one and we wanted to rest. So we bit the bullet (more expensive than any marina we have ever stayed in the US) and went into this upscale marina. Lots of big US based power boats here, likely attracted by the great fishing here. The marina has many great sculptures though, along their pleasant sidewalk. A deserted sculpture garden is within walking distance.  Osprey's are flying over, and colorful mariposa's (butterflies) are abundant here. We do see the effects of Hurricane Odile which struck here last October.

Yesterday we had fun taking the bus into town to do some much needed groceries.No assigned bus stop, just stand on the road and the bus will stop. We stocked up, had some very yummy gelato on par with top ice cream places in Berkeley at 30 % of the price and took a taxi home to Bliss.

Tod carries Tessa in a backpack when we want to
go any distance, and they get quite some looks

In the afternoon we strolled to the other side of the marina, and we encountered camels. Wait a minute, are we in Mexico or? While Tessa clearly enjoyed seeing an animal she had only seen in books, and without any fear started to pet it, it just seemed not right. Sadly, these camels, as well as the dolphins in salt water pens we saw a few minutes later, are kept for entertainment purposes. The documentary BlackFish is well worth seeing to get a more`detailed background on this captive animal  industry.

We will leave here soon to continue onto La Paz into the Sea of Cortez.. No turkey on Thanksgiving for us, hopefully we will have some fresh fish taco's in our next anchorage.

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