Thursday, September 25, 2014

Excited is the new word

Tessa is constantly learning new words and phrases, and the latest one is "I'm excited". Excited to see friends, excited to go to Happy Hour (which basically means going out for dinner at 5 PM at reduced happy hour prices).

We are excited too....our final days here in Berkeley. Excited to start this new phase in our life, excited to show Tessa new places. She has been talking about going to Mexico for quite a while. When friends ask this almost 2.5 yrs old " where are you going to" she will say " to Mexico", and " when are you going" she has been saying  "on Saturday" for a while.

But we are also sad to say goodbye to all dear friends we have made in the Bay Area. We hope to see all of them again, but when that will be...time will tell.

And lastly, I would also describe feelings aboard as exhausted. Tod is generally up until way past midnite and even I don't go to sleep until close to midnite. No need for an alarm for us, because at 7AM Tessa is happily and loudly singing in the V-berth! Tja, doing this kind of journey with a toddler adds a totally different dimension to life.

our happy camper singing in her room
Tod trying out our emergency rudder for our self steering windvane,
the rudder we hope never have to use

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