Monday, September 8, 2014

companionway much more than for the companionway!

Sailors are a creative bunch, and if you plan to go cruising for a while, that creativity will go a long way. Sure, in our final weeks of prep, I did call our dear friend and ask if we could borrow a regular 6 feet ladder, but as luck had it (or not) she did not have one. And it's wide base would not have worked for our purpose anyway. Our neighbor suggested we use an companionway ladder (the ladder that you use to climb in/out of boat), and with some more thinking and setting up many secure lines.....we had the companionway ladder tied outside on the stern. For what reason? Dada, check it out, Tod installing the blades on our 10 feet stainless steel Marine Kinetics 450 wind generator pole (yes, 10 feet, more than average, as Tod is married to a more than average height Dutch woman)!

Yoho, it's silent, and it's providing lots of amps/energy!

On a complete different topic: either I have already reached the age where one does need less sleep, or it's the excitement/adrenaline of our final weeks before departure that keeps me going. It's all good!


  1. Nearly time to go! Are you guys going down with the ha ha? We're still in Alameda for a week or so, would be good to meet up for a drink one evening! Chris at Brightpearl dot com

  2. Hi Chris, sorry for the late reply, i just saw your comment. We are in our final days here, with lots of stuff we like to finish (wishful thinking). No Ha Ha for us, on our own slow pace. Hopefully we get to see you down the coast, and enjoy some happy hour! What's your boat name?

  3. Hey Jolanda - we're Rafiki, a Pearson 36-2, brown dodger, yellow dinghy. Same as you, we're not going with the Ha Ha but leaving SF mid October so we may well cross paths. Good luck with the jobs :)


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