Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello world!

This is the first posting on our new blog site!  It's a bit intimidating to have a completely clean, empty web site to start filling.  Where to start?

Well, I can tell you that we are in project-mode -- have been for a couple months.  I have not looked at our project list for a while, but I'm sure it must have 50 items on it ... some big, some small.  But my feeling is that for each project we accomplish, there are one or two others that have materialized while that one was being done.

Since boat projects are so important now, I think I will create a blog category just for those!

Oh, one little fun note -- in preparation for installing our marine HF radio, I decided to get my amateur (Ham) radio license.  It's not really necessary, since one can use many marine-specific bands without an Ham license; but there are many radio nets for which a ham license is required.  Plus, for radio-based email, there is a service that costs a couple hundred dollars per year but requires no license; or there is a service for free, but requires a Ham license.  Anyway, I studied a bit this past week, and took the exams on Saturday -- I passed two exams, to qualify for the "General" class license.  I took the third exam for the "Extra" class -- for which I did not study even a little bit -- and missed getting it by only one question.  I'm pretty certain the the "General" class will be all I ever want anyway.